The mortals include three races: beast-humans, dragons, and humans. Though the immortals live forever, the mortals themselves have acquired powers, too, and use them to their advantage.


Lifespan: 80 to 150 years

Innate: Elemental Magic

Acquired: None

Location: The Mortal Realms

A human-like race that possesses animal features. There are 4-5 known races of animals which Beast-Humans take semblance after. They have been living in scattered tribes and colonies across the world, away from human civilization until recent years. Aside from the natural ability to use Elemental magic, Beast-Humans can also shapeshift into their respective animal form once in a while. Several ethnic groups within the Beast-Human race are currently hostile towards each other.


Lifespan: 500 to 700 years

Innate: Elemental (Soul) Magic

Acquired: Sacred, Demon Magic

Loaction: The Mortal Realms

An ancient race that inhabits the Mortal Realms. They are said to live in secluded areas of the world and avoid all human affairs. Despite that, there were still many tales of encounter with this incredible race throughout history. They have been and are still respected as wise, reserved and mysterious creatures on par with the Immortals.


Lifespan: 80 to 150 years

Innate: None

Acquired: Sacred Magic, Demon Magic, Soul Magic

Location: The Mortal Realms

The largest civilization in the Mortal Realms, alongside the Beast-Humans. Although they are born without any natural magical abilities, they have worshipped spirits of both the Overworld and the Underworld thoughout the ages, and have long learned to control and utilize the power of these spirits.