Maelstrom is a world that consists of three planes: the Overworld that’s ruled by Deities, the Mortal Realms (home of humans) and the Underworld where Demons dwell. Though the living is able to call upon the spirits of the other worlds through the art of sorcery, it is impossible for the inhabitants of each plane to travel to the other planes. Because of this limit to their scope of the world, the names "Maelstrom" and "Mortal Realms" are often used interchangeably.

Many races inhabit the world of Maelstrom, Mortals and Immortals alike. Despite having the aid of magic, humans still find themselves powerless against the constrains of the world and unable to seek out many of their more mythical neighbours. Currently, no race is in open dispute with another race; however, hostility is present in some race between tribes/colonies.


The Overworld is ruled by deities. Angels, mermaids, elves, and fairies are said to inhabit there, though this is unconfirmed. Confirmed inhabitants are the holy spirits .


Demons dwell in the underworld, and are the only known inhabitants.

The Mortal RealmsEdit

The Mortal Realms is the home of many mortals and immortals, including beast-humans, dragons, elves, fairies, humans, mermaids, and phoenixes.