Keritzel Edeus, often referred to as Keri, is a young aristocrat who is close friends with Weirin Lin and, recently, Veloce Visrin. He initially travels to Kronzel to further his studies under the guidance of a former scholar by the name of Vladimir Gorchen. Although shortly after his stay, he flees from Kronzel, along with Weirin and Veloce, after a confrontation with Kronzel's King and his royal guard.


Keri is a young boy with both eyes and hair having the same shade of apple green. He is also never seen without his glasses.

As a noble of high-standing, his attire is always embellished. In the latest chapters, he sports a cuff-sleeved long coat with a high-collared cape, a double-breasted vest with clips resembling frog closures, and a cravat with a large jeweled pin. He wears trousers and knee-high laced boots.


Keri is distinguished as a kindhearted young man driven to protect his friends and help others as much as he can. Straightforward and honest, Keri lacks a considerable amount of shrewdness for politics and deeper understanding of personal intentions of ambiguous morale. However, so far in the series, his naivete is welcome among friends and strangers alike; his honesty a pleasant and solid column of support.


Not much of Keri's personal background has been revealed other than mentions of his father's vague account of responsibilities and enormous family wealth.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Keri has shown to be spiritually sensitive after navigating through a rift by sound. Veloce explains that it takes an impressive amount of spiritual prowess to locate people within in a rift. She also adds that Keri is capable of sensing the emotional aspects of a soul. Keri uses music as a medium.


Shortly after the arrival to Medrisen, Keri is given the opportunity to learn sacred magic that requires the use of a musical instrument. He uses a violin to summon magic.


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