"Hiraeth, god of the mortal realms. The world is her veins, and nature is her embodiment. From her, beast-humans had awoken as her children, born of the world itself. We are the purest descendant of the mortal realms. Her spirit flows within each and every one of us, and as the mother of us all, she does all she can to stand by and protect us.

"She is the only god in Maelstrom to take shape before us mortals, tearing herself to pieces so that her fragments may accompany every beast-human tribe in the world.

"Do you understand now... Why the book of elements is the most carefully guarded heritage of every beast-human tribe? From this day on, Hiraeth will guide you to learn elemental magic, and I will help if you do not understand her. Be respectful to your god, and if she ever falls into treacherous hands one day... You must never forget who granted you your power."
--Chief Kasga to the children of the Requis Tribe[1]

References Edit

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